Friday, November 14, 2008

Near breakdown

Today is not a good day. I am near break down. Andrew is being very talkative and won't play. My house is a mess and it's already 4pm. How am I going to get everything done that I need to today. I have studying to do and the whole house to clean, need to do my homework assignments. Oh and don't forget the laundry! How do I let myself get so far behind? Blog to post on, homework to do, rooms to clean, kids to tend to and here I am sitting on my ass on the couch not doing a damn thing. I've been moving since I got up this morning so why don't I have more done! I could just crawl back in bed and start this whole day over again. Wouldn't life be nice if there were a rewind button for it. I do feel a little better but sitting here is not going to get life accomplished. And what the hell am I doing in a drawing class?! I can't draw to save my life and it's just adding to my stress! UGH. I will get through it. I have to!

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