Thursday, July 2, 2009

Been so long!!

It's been so long since I've written on my blog! I can't believe the last time I wrote I was only 7 weeks pregnant. I am now 35 weeks pregnant! Where to begin!?

Guess I'll start with the pregnancy. This pregnancy has been so easy, it's unreal! I've had no real problems of any kind. I'm a very blessed woman to have such easy pregnancies, this one especially. I have pretty good kids too! We did find out we are having another boy. I will be the mother of 3 boys, and will hopefully be blessed with more children after the birth of this little one. Erek and I have decided on the name Alexander Jacob.

Erek and I were planning to move from Michigan to California. Erek got a job offer out there that eventually fell through. He did get a job at a casino out in California. Then we tried to purchase a home but that fell through, and all of the rental homes we liked were snatched up by someone else so we have decided that fate is telling us to stay in Michigan. And why not when we have a house here in Michigan that is paid for. Just doesn't seem to make financial sense to move us all the way to California to rent when I have my house here. Seems more responsible to me. My family didn't take the news of us moving very well. I got probably 150 lectures about not moving. They were super happy to hear we weren't moving. My mom has even been enjoyable with no comments since we told them we weren't moving. I'm sure it won't last forever but it's a nice break while I have it.

Since we are not moving, I have been very busy getting rooms switched around. Patrick moved out and finally got all of his stuff out of his old room. I have gotten that room painted a light blue for Mackenzie. I have also purchased her bedding and her furniture. We will be filing for change of custody soon. With Lisa having a warrant for her arrest, I'm sure she won't show up to any of the hearings, and we'll be granted custody. We purchased bunk beds for Andrew's room. Nikolas will be moving into Andrew's room and they will become room mates. Once the bunk beds get here and get set up I can get the nursery ready for Alexander. He will be in our room until he starts rolling over so I do have some time to spare as far as getting that room primed, painted, chair rail up and furniture situated.

Yesterday, I took Jazz to the vet and learned he has fleas. We are assuming Daytona and Harmony have then too. So now in addition to all of the above mentioned chores, I have to completely clean and disinfect this entire house. Today I got all of the entryway done with bleach water and part of the kitchen. My next chore is to declutter, clean and organize all of the cupboards to be sure there aren't any fleas hiding out around the food. I'm hoping to get a second whim for cleaning after I finish eating my dinner.

Erek and my relationship is a lot stronger than it used to be, however the chemistry is gone. We love hanging out together, and we make sure we go on a date nite once a week. Usually on Wednesdays, but the conversation is lite and our sex life sure could use some passion. I know it's mostly my fault because of my lack of drive. I'm just not a physical person. I didn't grow up that way, I was very isolated and independent during my teenage years. Not really close to either one of my parents, okay my mom and I didn't get along at all...I don't really know how to correct that.

I have been on my meds for awhile now and boy do I feel like a new person. You can totally tell a difference in me when I don't have one of my meds to take, like if I need to refill my script or something. Especially my Abilify, which is my bipolar med. If I don't have my ADHD med you can really tell a difference too. My lows are few and farther between but they seem to be more intense. I've thought about going to the hospital with the last two episodes. I'm getting excited to meet Alexander tho so maybe that will keep my spirits up until he's here. As long as I don't stress and overwhelm myself with everything I need to do to clean and prep for his arrival.

I'd better get busy!

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